Reverend Dr. Isaac B. Graham

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In 2019, I ask you... Are you preparing for a "New Year" or a "New Season"?
There is a difference!!!
W elcome to my blog page...

• In 2019, significantly invest in your
    "Spiritual Development".

• In 2019, invest in that which grows you!

• In 2019, make a difference in someone 
else's life.

• In 2019, I ask you, are you preparingfor a new year
  or a new season? There is a difference!
• In 2019, remove the illusion of "chance" 
  by becoming more intentional in everything
  you say and do! In essence do good things
  on purpose.

• In 2019, instead of seeing things as a personal
  attack, take time to hear it and filter through your
  destiny and your desire to be be a better person!

  God will honor your maturity.

• In 2019, see criticism and
  correction differently.

• A New Year is determined by the calendar, but a

  Season is determined by your mind-set.
• May God bless you and may you have a healthy 
  and prosperous new year!!!
In His Sacred Service,
Rev. Isaac B. Graham, Pastor